Guatapé Day tour

One highlight of my stay in Medellín, was the Guatapé day tour!

Guatapé is located only 1.5 hour from Medellin, which makes it a perfect choice for a day tour. At 8 am we departed from our hostel, and made our way to Guatapé. 

1,5 hours in a car might seem boring, but we were amazed by the road! Green everywhere you look, and up the hill there is a point that gives you a beautiful view over the city of Medellín. 

Then we arrived to el Peñol. This is a huge mountain (220 meters!) that is in the middle of an artificial reservoir. After climbing 740 steps, you arrive to the top of El Peñol. The top gives you an amazing view of the unique landscape as far as the eye can see.

-If you get hungry, here you can buy food, local drinks and snacks.

Note: El Peñol has a $7 entrance fee

The lakes that we saw from above, we now got to experience from up close: In a boat! The boat took us across the lake, being able to appreciate the blue waters in contrast with the green islands. 

After, we visited the Guatapé village. This village is super cute, and very picturesque. You can buy all kinds of souvenirs, colorful wallets, snacks, local foods or just simply enjoy the village and surroundings! If you are a photography lover, you will fall in love with the colorful houses and balconies!

Around 6pm we got back to our hostel, to get ready for the night.
A day tour for in the books!

Written by: Kyra Boogert