Traveling as a Couple in Colombia

Everyone wants to travel the world with the one they love. Whether, it’s your honeymoon or a spontaneous adventure, Colombia is a fantastic country to explore with your partner. Sun soaked walks and exciting new adventures await you both. In any relationship, it’s important to take the time to get away from it all and spend time together. Why not do it in a place that has it all- Colombia? From its mountains that scrape the sky, to its tranquil beaches and vibrant cities, Colombia has something for everyone to enjoy. Traveling with your companion may seem like a recipe for frustration, but rest assured, you don’t need a perfect relationship to travel together.

                                                                                 (Cartagena, Colombia)

After looking at the social media and blogs of couples traveling together, it’s easy to believe in their perfect lives that they’ve painted for their followers. However, behind their spotless smiles, matching abs, and perplexing couples’ acro-yoga poses, lies a human. An annoying human that sometimes makes you want to scream at them for breathing too loud.

Regardless of how perfect their relationship seems online, it’s no secret that spending a large amount of time with one person can be testing at times. I think that is what makes real life and real relationships so beautiful though. Even though relationships are hard sometimes, you teach each other how to be better people. You learn to be more patient when you are already starving and your wife is taking an eternity to decide what she wants to eat. You learn how to forgive when you tell your boyfriend something five times, and he still doesn’t remember. Relationships are fascinating because despite completely knowing someone and all of their faults, we stay with them and love them regardless. So bring your flawed and imperfect relationships to Colombia and experience something incredible together.

         (Santa Marta, Colombia)


When you are traveling with someone else, you can’t always do exactly what you want, and that can be really frustrating. Since you are sharing an experience together, you have to take the other person into consideration too. Make your wants known, but try to stay in the mind set of putting your loved one in front of what you want. Ask yourself what is more important, your relationship, or the thing you want to do? If both of you are doing this, then your trip will be much more enjoyable.

  (Paruqe Tayrona)

Spending Alone Time

While you may have gone on this trip to spend time together, it’s healthy to be alone every once in a while. This could even be a good opportunity to do something that you like, but your spouse doesn’t. Doing things alone on a vacation with your significant other may sound counterproductive, but it can actually help prevent resentment from building up, while simultaneously building both of you in confidence and independence. Yes; relationships need compromise and quality time, but we should aim to complement each other rather than losing ourselves in another person.

  (Cartagena, Colombia)


What if your boyfriend gets sick and can’t do anything that day? Decide before you go what will work for your relationship. Maybe he will be okay by themselves while you continue your day. Or, maybe he will expect you to stay with him. Everyone is different and so is every relationship. Tell your partner what you want or what is bothering you because no one can read minds.

(Salento, Colombia)

Travel With Colombitraveling

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Written by Dana

Published 29/07/2019