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Multicultural Country
Queen of the Caribbean coast

Colombia is a well-known country around the world, sadly not entirely for the best reasons. Nevertheless, we believe that our people, nature, traditions and mainly the experiences of visitors will change the perception of being an ‘unsafe’ country.

In Colombia, you can visit top snow-covered mountains, untouched forest, great Caribbean beaches and most important you can always interact with locals, who will show you their passion for their country and the happiness of living. Colombians will be happy to share their history, culture and some of the best coffees in the world with you.

At Colombitraveling, we can plan the best trip for you, from day trips to multi-day experiences we will happy to take you on a once in a lifetime experience!

Full Colombia Experience
During this trip you will walk around patrimonial and human heritage places, talk with locals and have a lot more unique experiences. 15 nights to see Colombia, with private tours and all the comfort that you will need. Check out […]