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What to do in BOGOTA?

Bogota city is one of the biggest cities in Colombia. Being the capital, it makes the centre of politics of the country. Bogotanos (people from Bogota) are well known for their passion for art, politics and music. This city will undoubtedly provide you with a great taste of Colombia! One of the most important attractions is The Monserrate Hill, which you can reach either by cable car or by foot. Both ways are really enjoyable. At the top, the Sanctuary of Monserrate is located, this is a great symbol of faith of Colombians.

At the slopes of Monserrate, in the historical center of the city, you can explore the Candelaria neighborhood. This neighborhood represents a part of beautiful colonial and republican architecture. Besides that, you also see amazing landmarks like the Church of San Francisco and the Bank of the Republic building, where you can also visit the Gold Museum of Colombia. La Candelaria offers a lot of facilities for accommodation, restaurants and little bars. Further to the north, you can visit the ‘Parque 93’ area, which is a different scene with more upgraded restaurants and hotels, and also a big part of the nightlife of Bogota can be found here.

On the outskirts of Bogota, where mountains, nature and history fuse, you can visit many beautiful sites like Villa de Leyva, Zipaquira, and Periquera, which are magical destinations that will always make you remember Bogota.

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