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Queen of the Caribbean coast

In our opinion, Cartagena can be considered as the foundation of history in Colombia. In colonial times, famous battles took place there. This history is remembered because Cartagena served as the main port for the Americas, where sadly several ships brought in slaves from Africa. Due to this event, the area went through a geopolitical change. Until today, you can still see the influence of African people along the culture and traditions.

There are plenty of options to do in order to have an amazing time in Cartagena.

Gorgeous colonial hotels, amazing restaurants with local and international food, will contribute to a unique experience!

For sea lovers, we recommend you to visit places such as Rosario Islands, Manglares. Also, keep in mind that Cartagena serves as the perfect place to start your ongoing journey to the north of the country and visit places like Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park, Minca village, among some other magical destinations.

Remember that at Colombitraveling, we can organize your experiences privately or within shared tours as you prefer. We focus on offering you great service so that you can get a great insight into the local’s life.

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