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Crystal Beach, also known as “Playa del Muerto”(dead’s beach), is a heavenly destination, where its white sands, clear waters and gorgeous coral reefs will make it the best site to rest and relax.  During your trip you will have the […]

220USD / per person

We are convinced that Santa Marta and its surroundings have way more to offer than just the lost city trek, which by the way, is amazing! Because of that, we put together a program that will allow our visitors to enjoy […]

980USD / per person

Minca is the home to Ecotourism. From birdwatching to coffee picking you will enjoy endless activities inside of the hearth of a humid tropical forest brought to you by la Sierra itself. Enjoy activities such as ecological treks and get […]

150USD / per person

The place where nature and history meets What makes the Lost City a wonderful place is the particularity of its landscapes, scenery, ecosystems, biodiversity and especially its architecture, that remains along the time since the Tayrona Culture built it hundreds […]

435USD / per person