Cabo De La Vela And Punta Gallinas: 3 Days

Price 520USD 3 Days
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Cabo De La Vela And Punta Gallinas: 3 Days

520USD per person

Magically Natural Landscapes

Visit the absolute north point of South America located in the north of the “peninsula de la Guajira”, on the warm waters of the Caribbean ocean. It’s an amazing scenery of plateaus, dunes and rocky cliffs emerging from the ocean while it gently hugs Hondita’s bay. There is a 60-meter tall dune raising up from the water like a wall next to the sea.

SERVICES INCLUDED: Round trip transportation, food throughout the tour, accommodations in the form of hammocks or chinchorros, tour guide, transport to Punta Gallinas, travel insurance and visit to touristic places.

SERVICES NOT INCLUDED: Beverages or beer, shopping tour and/or visits to other attractions.


RECOMMENDATIONS:  Comfortable clothes for 3 days, Snickers or mountain shoes, sandals, swimming suit, socks, mosquito repellent, sunblock, flashlight, personal hygiene elements, sunblock and camera.

Minimum 2 people

Day 1
Depart from Santa Marta around 4:45 am towards Palomino where we will take a break to have breakfast. The trip goes on to Riohacha, then to Uribia known as the capital of Colombian indigenous culture and finally to El Cabo de la vela where we will arrive at around 1:00 pm, where will be able to enjoy a scrumptious lunch and take a deserved rest in Cabo de la vela's beach. You'll visit the most important sites such as " El Pilon de Azucar", El Faro (the lighthouse), La montana Sagrada (The sacred mountain), The desert of "La Ahuyama" and "Playa dorada" where will enjoy a bath to keep on going to "El Pilon de Azucar " and stare at the sunset. Finally will return to "la rancheria" to have diner and rest.
Day 2
Our day will begin at 5am (approx) towards Punta Gallinas for about 3 hours. Once we get there, you will have breakfast and then, off to visit touristic attractions such as the light house (Northernmost point of South America), the mirador, the oasis and the Taroa desert to contemplate the sand dunes. We will have lunch at a "rancheria" where we'll spend the night.
Day 3
The return will start by 6:00am. We will head towards 'Bahia Honda' to head back directly to Uribia for a panoramic tour in the city that it's considered the Indigenous capital of Colombia. Then off to Rioacha where we'll stop to enjoy the colorful scenery at the capital of La Guajira. Finally, our adventure between deserts, beaches and majestic landscapes ends by returning to the city of Santa Marta.