The Lost City Trek: 4 Days

Price 386USD 4
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The Lost City Trek: 4 Days

386USD per person

The call of history and nature in one place

What makes the Lost City a wonderful place is the particularity of its landscapes, scenery, ecosystems, biodiversity and especially its architecture, that remains along the time since the Tayrona Culture built it hundreds of years ago.

We would be beyond happy to take you to be part of this unique experience with us, the Trek of the Lost city will make anybody feel like in the past, immersed in a unique natural landscape where ancestral cultures were grown and few of their heirs still live and are your hosts.

SERVICES INCLUDED: Round trip transportation, food throughout the tour, but accommodations in beds or hammocks equipped with mosquito nets, entrance to Teyuna archaeological park, travel insurance, contributions to the indigenous and peasant communities of the region and scout guide.

SERVICES NOT INCLUDED: Beverages or beer, shopping tour and/or visits to other attractions.

SERVICES NOT INCLUDED WITH COST: Mules during the trek and visit to the  “Mamo” (shaman).

TOURIST FRIEND: When reaching indigenous communities, please respect their space and privacy. Do not take pictures without proper authorization. Also, it is very important to follow your tour guide directions at anytime and please help us to care and preserve the environment of this magical destination.

  • Destination
  • Departure Time
    9:30 am - 10:30 am
  • Dress Code
    Tourist must take: Snickers or mountain shoes, sandals, walking shorts or lycras, cotton shirt, swimming suit, socks, towel, pants or sweatpants, long sleeve shirt, mosquito repellent, sunblock, flashlight, personal hygiene elements, 1L of water and camera.
Day 1

Today we will have an early pick up from the Hotel, in order to go on time to the airport and take our flight to Santa Marta, we usually work with a flight that leaves at 06:00 a.m. this gives us enough time to arrive in Santa Marta to have breakfast and arrange everything to start our trekking.

Around 09:30 we will start our driving from Santa Marta to the little village named Mamey or Machete Pelado, located already in the beginning of the Sierra Nevada area, from here we will hike around 8 hours, we will cover a distance of 17 km and this night we will spend it at the Wiwa camp

Day 2

Today we will get up around 05:00 a.m. to start our second day of trekking, the distance to be covered today is 9 km and we will arrive to the …Lorenzo del Rio camp, today we will have the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the river and natural pools.

Note: today our accommodation will provide hammocks to sleep, all part of the adventure!!

Day 3
Today is a long day, divided in two parts, early in the morning we will start right after breakfast our hike to the Lost City trek, this will take us around eight hours (14km) total, after climbing the 1200 steps that take us to the “Ciudad Perdida” we will finally get to this magical and super spiritual place. Once here our guides will explain in detail the structure, and meaning of every site, and if we are lucky we will have a little time to share with the “Mamo” (spiritual leader of the Kogui tribe), after this fascinating experience, we will go back to the our camp here we will have lunch and pack our belongings to return to the Wiwa camp where we will spend the night.
Day 4

Our last day of trekking starts at 06:00, after breakfast we will return to Mamey, this trek will take us around 4 hours, once in Mamey we will have lunch and we will get ready for our return to Santa Marta, where we will spend the night at Casita Verde Hotel Boutique, it will be great to have some comfort and cleanness after our great experience in the Sierra Nevada.

In Santa Marta we will have our last special dinner before flying back to Medellin.