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Bogotá is one of the most dynamic cities in Latin America and offers various activities for people of all ages and genders at any time of the day! The first stop of this tour will be the Monserrate a symbol […]

130USD / per person

At Colombitraveling we believe that the best way to visit an area is to combine touristic attractions with more local sites or activities, we believe that our 4 day Bogota touristic represents exactly this. Included:   Airport transfers/ Hotel / […]

545USD / per person

Our “Boyacá colonial Villages” is a must that we want to recommend you to do at Colombitraveling. This shows a big part of our Colombian culture. Along these 5 days, you will hear the real history of this part of the […]

578USD / per person

The Cabo de la Vela is located at the peninsula of La Guajira. Being a desertic land inhabited mostly by the indigenous settlement of Wayuu.  They call this place ‘Jepirra’ which under their traditional knowledge it is a sacred space […]

0USD / per person

Magically Natural Landscapes Visit the absolute north point of South America located in the north of the “peninsula de la Guajira”, on the warm waters of the Caribbean ocean. It’s an amazing scenery of plateaus, dunes and rocky cliffs emerging […]

520USD / per person

Discover the river of 5 colours! It is said to be the most beautiful river in the world. The colours occur due to a bed of rocks covered with colourfull moss. Note that for a brief period of time every […]

1000USD / per person

In this tour, we will be visiting all of the beautiful highlights that Cartagena has to offer. The first stop of the day will be the Centro de Convenciones which is one of the most important places in South America. […]

125USD / per person

If what you are looking for is a super relaxed time, we definitely can recommend our Cartagena Retreat program, this 4-day program will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most iconic cities in Colombia with the best […]

542USD / per person

The Medellin’s graffiti tour mostly is a historical ride, that shows the transformation of the city from the esthetical, political and artsy point of view. Our guides will take you along narrow halls, where you can enjoy the whole graffiti […]

125USD / per person

Crystal Beach, also known as “Playa del Muerto”(dead’s beach), is a heavenly destination, where its white sands, clear waters and gorgeous coral reefs will make it the best site to rest and relax.  During your trip you will have the […]

220USD / per person

Ideal tour for families The Hacienda Napoles is located just a few hours outside of Medellin. This is the site where Pablo Escobar built his own zoo and also populated with animals brought from all over the world. Some of […]

60USD / per person

We are convinced that Santa Marta and its surroundings have way more to offer than just the lost city trek, which by the way, is amazing! Because of that, we put together a program that will allow our visitors to enjoy […]

980USD / per person